Project Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity that helps the homeless by supplying them with both physical items and the help they need to get back on their feet. We make sure to supply these things through programs and locations that we ourselves have met with and trust. Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how we do this:

Step 1) Our board of directors chooses an area to work in by taking into consideration the number of homeless in the area, the services available to the homeless in the area, and the impact we would be able to have there.

Step 2) After identifying services in the chosen area that may be of help to the homeless, we meet with each service provider and make sure that they are not only a good fit for us, but that they meet our criteria of helping as follows:
A) Is the service set up to help someone who walks in off the street?
B) Is the location clean and safe?
C) Does the service offer programs/councilors to further help people?
D) Do the people running the service really seem to care about the people they help?

Step 3) Once we have identified locations that would be of help and fit our criteria, we create what we call a “map of local services”. This map not only shows where help can be found but also gives information such as what times the location is open, what kind of help they provide (i.e. food, shelter, medical care), who can use the service (i.e. women only, men only), and phone numbers that can be called for further help.

Step 4) We now begin serving the chosen area. We do this by contacting the service providers that we have identified and asking them what items they may need. This can be anything from food to clothing to toiletries, bedding or office supplies, anything they may need to do what they do. We then take any money that we have raised and use it to purchase these items and deliver them to the service providers.

We also stock our van “The Tardis” with items such as clothing, food and toiletries. We then seek out homeless persons in the chosen area and offer them any items that they may need from our supply. Along with these items and some words of encouragement, we give them one of the maps of local services. Our hope is that with the items in hand, a map of where to get help, and the knowledge that someone does care about them, the person will be motivated to get the help they need.

To see exactly what we are doing, make sure to check out our blog posts here.

We thank you for checking us out and hope you will join us as we continue to H.O.P.E.