About Us

Who we are:  We are Project Hope, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose goal is to help the homeless by supplying them with both the tools and the help they need to get back on their feet.

How we do what we do: 
Homeless Outreach: Our homeless outreach team stocks our outreach vehicle with clothing items, as well as outreach kits that include food and water and any other items we think maybe of use to someone living on the streets. We then proceed to look for unsheltered homeless in a chosen area. Once we have found someone, we offer them whatever items they may need to survive in their situation, outside of money, while engaging them in conversation and getting to know them. Our goal with this outreach is to use kindness and genuine friendship in an attempt to break through whatever emotional barrier maybe stopping them from getting the help they need. We then support that person in any way we can and connect them with the organizations and programs that can get them off the streets.

Organization Support: We support the organizations that we direct people to by supplying them with needed items. We contact the organization, asking exactly what they might need at that time, and then use any funds we’ve raised or item donations that we have collected to supply the organization with the things they require. In this way we hope to pay back the hard work that these organization do to help our homeless friends with their journey ahead.

Who we work with: We make sure to only work with organizations that we believe to be a force of good in their area. We look for organizations who are willing to work with people that come in from the streets, whose facilities are clean and safe, and who offer councilors or assistance programs to provide the help that is needed. Most importantly, we need to know that the people who we are working with truly care about those who they are set up to help. These organizations are added to a map of local services along with a list of their contact information and services offered. These maps are then handed out by our homeless outreach team.

Why we do it:  Our hope is that by providing people with the information they need, the tools they require, and proof that there are people who care, we can help each person to find the motivation to seek out the help they need.