Grand Opening Of Project Hope Thrift!

We are super happy to announce that we now have an online thrift store!

Not all items that are donated to us are suitable for our outreach efforts. Now, thanks to our online thrift store, we can use these items to help fund our outreach.

Let me share with you the steps we go through to decide where each of our donated items goes.

  1. Direct Outreach Items: First we sort through the donated items and choose which ones we are going to keep for use in our outreach work. These would be items such as bottled water, socks, food items, and anything else that we think people living on the street might need.
  2. Items that can be used by other non-profits: Next , we go through the remaining items and see if any of them could be of use to the homeless support organizations we work with. We then reach out to these organizations and let them know what items we have and set up a delivery. These might be items such as clothing, housewares, bedding, or anything else these organizations need to help the people they serve.
  3. Items to be sold in our store: After those first 2 steps, we sort through the rest of the items and hand pick certain ones that we believe are of good enough quality to sell in our online thrift store. This is the same idea as any other non-profit thrift store, but instead of a physical location, we have an online store.
  4. Other thrift stores: After all of that, if there are any items left, we donate them to other non-profit thrift stores. We make sure to only support stores that are non-profit and who do good work.

Having this source of income will help Project Hope in continuing to reach out to those living unsheltered on the streets and help them better their lives. A huge thanks to everyone who supports us and we hope you enjoy.