A New Focus For Project H.O.P.E.

For over a year now, Project H.O.P.E. has been helping out every charity we could by supplying them with the things they need. This lead to some great partnerships and even better friendships. Everyone from our friends at 1upOnCancer to PopsforPatients and Handmade Brigade and while we will still be helping out our friends when we can, we have decided that more focus was needed. We feel its important to have a clear mission. this will make it easier for us to do what we do, and easier for others to understand just exactly what PH is offering.

With that said, we at Project H.O.P.E. have decided to focus on something we are all passionate about, homeless outreach. This is something that we have always been passionate about and while we did think about trying to fit a homeless charity into our roster of people to help, we realized that adding more would only reduce the amount of help that was going to everyone and make it more confusing to those on the outside as to exactly what we do.

We have already started our new focus by partnering up with Our Daily Bread in Lima, OH. You may have seen the post we made about out recent gift delivery to them. It was out largest delivery to date and we have much more planned.

So as we move into this new mindset, we invite you to join us. We will be updating our social media and website with our new focus and we hope that you all will continue to help us Help Out People Everywhere.

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